Sunday, January 24, 2010

At long last, a new post

I'd love to start posting more consistently. There are reasons why I don't: I feel as though I am regurgitating news about certain films, and unless I have something to add, I don't feel there's a point. People reading most indie film news sites are going to know these things already. Of course, if they're really small films, they need all the blog mentions they can get, so perhaps I'm being a little too down on myself. Another reason is that news on a lot of films is scarce, particularly of what is going on in the underground. And, many of these films are hard to come by. I've been mentioning Matt Porterfield's films since I began this blog, but I have yet to see anything except the videos he's linked to on his website (although I've just discovered that Hamilton is now available on Netflix and Amazon; I'll be getting on that ASAP). And I've been busy with a job I'd rather not be doing. But the final and perhaps biggest reason is that my interests extend far beyond simply film, and for this reason I may start posting about things that may have nothing to do with this blog's main subject, just to give me some momentum.

I do have some interesting news: Mattew Porterfield's film Putty Hill, which was apparently made before Metal Gods, is premiering at the Berlinale International Film Festival. You can find a teaser trailer here. And here's a separate site for Metal Gods.

Also, Tom and Mary Russell are two underground independents who have made a couple of films in the past few years, and they're offering them for $15 each on Amazon until the 31st of this month. I've not seen either of their films, but I do read their blog occasionally, and I think I'll be buying their soon-to-be-unavailable DVDs to see what they're all about.

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